Book Exchange at ESJM fosters the rediscovery of reading

When a School invites students to look at a book, leaf through it and discover the plurality of its languages, magic happens. This is the 10th Book Exchange at Escola Secundária Jaime Moniz, in Pátrio da Física, where students, guided by teachers, rediscover the charm of literary pages, so often forgotten on the shelves of every home.

Carla Martins is the coordinator of this project, which has the active collaboration of the Portuguese Group in conjunction with the Language Department. During class breaks, hundreds of students rest on the book chair, listen to the teacher's voice telling them stories and talking to them about the identity of literary books and their messages and, for moments, the fascination with books is sown in every heart.

Interested parties must present the selected books and, at the indicated place and date, proceed to choose the new books. This project aims to stimulate interest in reading and provide an accessible way of getting new books, encourage sharing between members of the same community and contribute to sustainability by giving used books a new life. The Exchange privileges the reading of literary books, written in Portuguese, English, French or German. It's very simple: take one, get one! Bring the books you want to exchange and take other books that spark your interest! It is in this suggestive way that the dynamism of the project stimulates the love of reading in students.

In the course of three days, between April 22nd and 24th, the challenge is to grasp the book with your soul. Then anything can happen. The teacher opens the doors to this seduction, because, waiting for each reader, there is always a lesson waiting to be taught to the other.